Our workshop is equipped to carry out machining work required for the rebuilding of Diesel and Petrol Engines with sizes ranging from 1 cylinder to 12 cylinder V-Type engines.

We have the capacity to handle the engine rebuilds of

Passenger Vehicles


Light / Heavy duty commercial vehicles


Large Generator / Marine engines


Our Unique Value to The Customer

If we have rebuilt your engine, we promise to rebuild, repair and replace the parts we supplied FREE OF CHARGE for an entire year afterwards.
That is our unconditional WARRANTY!

Lowest charges

One day service

Our Unique Value to The Customer

If we have rebuilt your engine, we promise to rebuild, repair and replace the parts we supplied FREE OF CHARGE for an entire year afterwards.
That is our unconditional WARRANTY!

Lowest charges

One day service

Multiple levels of  quality assurance with a dedicated Quality Team

Importers of engine component replacement parts like Bearings, piston/rings, valves/guides, diesel injector pump parts etc..

Workshop machine and manpower capacity to handle in excess 24,000 engines rebuilds per year.

Open on Saturdays. (One Day Service on Saturday also)

Partner workshop service provider for leading vehicle agents in Sri Lanka.

Regular machinery update and replacement to ensure precision machining.

Member of    USA

Photo shows one of the Quality Control officers inspecting a finished workpiece before sign-off as job complete.

Photo shows the machinery update and replacement of a Surface Grinder to ensure precision machining on workpieces

Our Engine Rebuilding Services


Crankshaft re-grinding of main and connecting rod journals of the single cylinder to largest ‘ V type ‘ engine crankshafts, using the most precision crankshaft grinding machinery from EUROPE. We operate one of the largest crankshaft grinders in the Southeast Asian region with a grinding length of up to 12 feet (3.7meters). With this grinder, we can accommodate medium to large size marine, locomotive and other large sized cranks and shafts. We stock Main, Big end, Thrust, Cam, Servo bearings for most makes of Japanese and Indian vehicles in Sri Lanka.


Our crankshaft straightening press is designed for the straightening of crankshafts at the seat of distortion, for example in the con-rod journal, so that crankshaft balance is retained.

We can accommodate crankshaft/shaft lengths up to 107″ and Journal diameter up to 5.9″



We are able to detect cracks on crankshafts thus enabling us to identify problem cranks that can be rectified with our rebuilding process. Because we can detect cracks we can prevent the fitting of a cracked crank to an engine that can lead to a costly engine failure.



If a crankshaft journal has been excessively worn, seized or the hardness burned out, it’ll be no problem to re-build to original OEM specs or better with our equipment.

Our rebuilding machinery and process are from the U.S.A. and it uses a combination of unique welding materials and special application techniques to allow sophisticated alloys to be fused onto crankshaft/shaft journals so you receive proper OEM Rockwell “C” Hardness, plus a remarkable degree of flexibility.

The result is a rebuilt crankshaft/shaft that is stronger, and more flexible. Inboard fishing trawler/boat owners with Yanmar engines and JCB excavator owners are our most frequent customers for these rebuilds. We have used this rebuilding process to rebuild worn propeller shafts to OEM specifications of marine ships. (See pictures below)


Precision boring for fitting oversized pistons and/or boring of parent bores to fit cylinder liners and re-boring same to suit new/old pistons. We carry parts such as pistons, rings and cylinder liners/sleeves for most makes of engines used in Sri Lanka.

Precision honing with the use of new machinery ensures a good cross-hatch finish. Many of the leading racing drivers and technicians use our services because of our precision engineering work.


Our valve seating work is of a very high standard with multiple levels of quality control at the machine operator level, sectional supervisor level and quality assurance officer level. We perform the adjustment of tappet clearances and also mechanized valve lapping/grinding. We carry a large stock of Valves, Guides, Tappet Shims etc.,

Precision surface grinding of cylinder heads, blocks etc., Multi-level quality assurance coupled with modern machinery ensures an accurate and precision finish.

Increased engine performance may result in warped blocks, necessitating the re-boring of main bearings and camshaft bearings. Thrust bearing faces can be damaged due to bearing seizure. Re-boring of main bearings, camshaft bearings, re-boring of cylinder head camshaft bores and repairing of thrust bearing faces are all done on our line-boring machines.

Seized main bearing housings can be brass-filled and line-bored to original size specifications in order to re-use a potentially un-usable block thus saving a huge cost.

Grinding of parent housing of con-rods to suit bearings. Boring of gudgeon pin bushes to suit new/old piston pins.

We carry a large inventor bearing and bushes to suit most engines used in Sri Lanka.


Our latest ‘Hot-Cold-Hot’ cyclic pressure tester is the world’s most accurate pressure tester to detect surface/internal cracks caused by heat stresses on cylinder blocks and cylinder heads.

We are also unique in offering a heat and test method (submersible) using pressurized air to detect cracks on cylinder heads and blocks. These cracks can lead to compression leaks to waterways leading to overheating and surface warpage


We can metal stitch most kinds of cracked cylinder heads and blocks using the Lock-N-Stitch method thus enabling you to re-use potentially un-usable heads and saving you money.

We offer a special Warranty for all our crack repairs subject to certain conditions.

We are able to test and calibrate and overhaul most types of mechanical injector pumps. We can also pressure nozzles to specifications. We carry a large inventory of injector pump spares.